KALO Values

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Live Responsibly

      • Do what you are supposed to do.
      • Plan ahead.
      • Persevere: Keep on trying!
      • Always do your best.
      • Use self-control.
      • Be self-disciplined.
      • Think before you act – consider the consequences.
      • Be accountable for your words, actions, and attitudes. Don’t blame others.
      • Set a good example for others.
Photo of KALO

Photo of KALO


Live with Love

        • Be kind.
        • Be compassionate.
        • Show you care.
        • Express gratitude.
        • Forgive others.
        • Help people in need.


Live Cooperatively

        • Do your share.
        • Play by the rules.
        • Be open-minded.
        • Listen to what others have to say.
        • Don’t take advantage of others.
        • Don’t blame others carelessly.
        • Treat all people fairly.
        • Solve problems.

Photo of KALO

Photo of KALO


Live as a Family

        • Respect others.
        • Treat others as they should be treated.
        • Follow the Golden Rule.
        • Be tolerant and accepting of difference.
        • Use good manners.
        • Be considerate of the feelings of others.
        • Seek to make things right peacefully.