Quarter 2 News

October 2020 BOE Policy 101-14 Family and Community Engagement-Partnership

POLICY 101-14

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In setting expectations and creating a climate conducive to effective engagement/partnership implementation, the Board acknowledges the importance of administrative leadership at all levels, including its own. Therefore, the Board directs the Department to establish an organizational culture characterized by practices and programs that build and sustain positive and engaged relationships with families and communities.

October 2020 BOE Policy 101-14 Family and Community Engagement-Partnership.pdf

Panorama Student Survey

In November, your child will be asked to complete the 2020-2021 Panorama Student Survey. Your child’s perspective is highly valued. Their responses to the survey represent her/his voice in enhancing teacher practice and the whole school climate. We are listening!

To request that your child be exempted from the survey, please complete the Panorama Student Survey Declination Form below by October 23rd. Completed forms can be emailed to contact.us@puuhale.k12.hi.us or brought to our front office.

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